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RE: BITXTREME: New Scene Rls Site - Doors Open For A Limited Time Only!
Originally Posted by Rochie10
hmmm ye tl is great but... well speeds are crap on most stuff

Dude seriously, are you on crack???

99% of stuff is seeded from 100mb/1gbps/10gbps server and with the sheer amount of seeders on releases how on earth you are getting crap speeds on anything is beyond my comprehension.

If you are talking about uploading speeds then you are also very wrong. The only reason you would have slow speeds is if you join a torrent late and its already well seed and few leechers, this is simply logic and common to the BT protocol not just TL. If there is hardly anybody downloading compared to amount of seeders then logic dictates that you are not going to be able to upload at a high rate and especially not constantly. In these circumstances you offset your ratio with a buffer you have built up so it makes no difference if you don't get good speed on one torrent or upload back to 1:1 as you can simply stop at 0.4 ratio or 60 hours if you wish and offset what you didn't upload using a different torrent. It looks like you have allot to learn if you for some reason you think that "most" things on TL are slow, either that or like I said in beginning "are you on crack?"

PS. That wasnt trying to insult you or anything but was simply amazed at that statement coming from staff, As its typically what comes from utter n00bs who dont have a clue and run into the help section of site to moan they cant upload when they dont even have torrent active or they are trying to seed on a 10:1 s/l ratio lmao. Either that or they have jumped on a pack which are obvious to anybody with experience in torrents partially seeded/leeched so leecher amount is inaccurate.

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