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13-05-2009 14:17 PM

Joined: 02-03-2009
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Country: United Kingdom
Male djhowarth is Offline now
For Xam
i would like to speak to xam if that is possible so when u get this please add me on mostvotedplaya187@hotmail.co.uk
The following user says thank you to djhowarth for this useful post:

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13-05-2009 19:09 PM

Joined: 17-01-2009
Posts: 27
Country: Bulgaria
Male lits is Offline now Disabled
For Xam
lits1@live.co.uk xam please ad and me

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13-05-2009 21:04 PM

Joined: 31-03-2009
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Country: United Kingdom
Male FinalMH is Offline now
For Xam
if u want me tbh i dont think xam will add u, their is only one way u can contact him and thats stating ur proablem in the forums and thats wat ur doing but asking him to add u is a no no, so i would think if u say ur problem here he might help not sure tho

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14-05-2009 01:48 AM
TS Support Team

Joined: 15-11-2006
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Country: United States of America
Male alanb is Offline now
For Xam
Open a support ticket at the top of the page

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14-05-2009 19:06 PM

Joined: 02-03-2009
Posts: 5
Country: United Kingdom
Male djhowarth is Offline now
For Xam
i added that address and im not a vip so i cant use support basically i would like to discuss a position of coding for me

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24-05-2009 12:42 PM

Joined: 02-03-2009
Posts: 5
Country: United Kingdom
Male djhowarth is Offline now
For Xam
i am a developer of torrent trader and i hate that community so i have took all my mods of their and im wanting to help if thats okai ?

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24-05-2009 16:02 PM
Team Leader

Joined: 01-02-2006
Posts: 11,515
Country: Belgium
Male xam is Offline now
For Xam
Please contact me via live support or pm

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26-12-2011 17:55 PM

Joined: 28-06-2011
Posts: 160
Country: Canada
Male Quebecman is Offline now
For Xam
Hello guys,
  I know this guy a lot.  I was with TorrentTrader and I have done a lot of business with him for about a year.
Djowarth --> I am rdesormiers.

Thanx. Regards.

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28-02-2013 04:08 AM

Joined: 28-02-2013
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Country: Netherlands
Male jeremi is Offline now
For Xam
djodjo finally started to hate TT, muuaaa aaaaaa so so funny
so u finally understud what they all are ? just bas..... lollll happy u finally got this djodjo ....

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09-03-2013 22:37 PM (This post was last modified: 11-03-2013 01:31 AM by F12)

Joined: 22-02-2013
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Country: United Kingdom
Male F12 is Offline now
For Xam
djhowarth you are a joke full stop, the man who stops signups to the forum coss hes spat hes dummy

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10-11-2013 13:19 PM

Joined: 03-10-2013
Posts: 18
Country: United Kingdom
Male HeadCoder is Offline now
For Xam
djhowarth hes that good he as mess that basecode up the torrenttrader with hard code and alot of unwanted code too he will mess any site up and no he can not code at all, You best stoping with tsse its the best out there with out want to be coders like him self

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