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Posting Tips!
Here are some tips when posting in the forums:

1. Do not double post the same question in two different topics.  Quick way to being ignored.

2. Post what version of TS you are using.  We have a lot of different varieties out there and majority have the newer version so this is key to getting prompt help.

3. Do not be demandful.  You will be ignored.

4. Be patience after you post.  We all live in different time zones so someone will respond.

5. Be respectful to the person helping you.  Once your problem has been fixed please go back to your post and let us know so we can move on to another user who needs help.

6. Stop bugging the hell out of XAM for he is busy coding v3.2 and with his own personal life.  There are enough experienced people that can help and if not xam will respond just give him time.

7. Post your topics in the right subtopic.  Help questions do not go into modifications posts and error issues do not go into Modification complete rooms.  If there is not a room for your question just post it in the General Support and Help and it will be answered.

Any questions pm a moderator and ask.
The following 5 users say thank you to parallaxz71 for this useful post:

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