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الدعم العربي Arabic Support

السلام عليكم مرحبا بكم في الجروب العربي الخاص باللغة العربية و دعمها شكرا

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[Report Post] Posted on 28-04-2012 20:25 PM by mzikagate.
حد هنا يضيفنى ضرورى weka3g@yahoo.com
[Report Post] Posted on 16-05-2011 17:18 PM by outlander.
Good luck and if u need any help

don't hesitate to PM me
[Report Post] Posted on 13-05-2011 09:46 AM by utaibimt.
I'm working on Arabic translation for TSSE 7.2. Hopefully, I will release it soon,
[Report Post] Posted on 16-02-2011 06:43 AM by Taxfour.
welcome bro,

what do you wanna know or how can we help a brother in need???

i see all other VIPs are ex-vips now
[Report Post] Posted on 16-02-2011 04:47 AM by outlander.
Hello Arabic community,

I'm new on the VIP section so I'm Mohammad

I'm looking for a designer for my tracker and a coder

Anyone who's intersted or even knew someone is can PM me

thanks in advance
[Report Post] Posted on 17-01-2010 06:39 AM by Taxfour.

arabic fonts and characters are wacked up with 7.2 ... i guess!

many thnx dear Emiros for the valuable advise and wishing all the best here!

[Report Post] Posted on 14-11-2008 05:59 AM by xam.
Yes you can, all you need to manage group (edit)
[Report Post] Posted on 14-11-2008 01:06 AM by Emiros.
so i guess if you creat a group you can edit later from public to Private??
[Report Post] Posted on 13-11-2008 00:32 AM by xam.
Group owner and mods can control a group.. you must create a private group to do that.
[Report Post] Posted on 12-11-2008 21:56 PM by aladdin56789.
this is really Nice stuffs Xam but if it's possible to make it private for each Group and has it's own admin who can control it
[Report Post] Posted on 12-11-2008 19:11 PM by xam.
[Report Post] Posted on 12-11-2008 02:31 AM by aladdin56789.
Hey Emiros what's up