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hi!;-) it`s my own custom usergroup;-)

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[Report Post] Posted on 09-12-2008 20:38 PM by zuzi.
well here I am lukas
[Report Post] Posted on 13-11-2008 00:44 AM by crazylukas.
what can better represent me than my words?
[Report Post] Posted on 13-11-2008 00:32 AM by xam.
google it
[Report Post] Posted on 12-11-2008 23:47 PM by crazylukas.
where can i find some good soul to create it for me ?
[Report Post] Posted on 12-11-2008 17:16 PM by parallaxz71.
CrazyLukas you need a good avatar that represent you
[Report Post] Posted on 11-11-2008 01:53 AM by xam.
That's what I want to do.
[Report Post] Posted on 10-11-2008 22:21 PM by crazylukas.
there is no link to get back to list of all groups at this page ;-)
[Report Post] Posted on 10-11-2008 22:18 PM by crazylukas.
yep, yep;-)

grate work xam ;-)
[Report Post] Posted on 10-11-2008 20:44 PM by xam.
Haha We do same joke in our country lol..
[Report Post] Posted on 10-11-2008 16:40 PM by crazylukas.
yep, buy a lolipop and send to me ;-)

you are my friend from now;-)