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[Report Post] Posted on 10-06-2010 21:16 PM by xxViperxx.
"(plus)" - musst on all lines after "[0-9]" include, and at end "(dollar)x" or "(dollar)x(dollar)y" on all lines like hatacces
[Report Post] Posted on 10-06-2010 21:11 PM by xxViperxx.
i think this example for lighttpd is complettly identikal to apache version:
        url.rewrite-once = (
"^index.html$" => "/index.php",
"^(.*)-b-([0-9] ).ts(.*)$" => "/browse.php?cat=",
"^(.*)-c-([0-9] ).ts(.*)$" => "/browse.php?browse_categories&category=",
"^(.*)-d-([0-9] ).ts(.*)$" => "/download.php?id=",
"^(.*)-s-([0-9] ).ts(.*)$" => "/details.php?id=",
"^(.*)-a-(.*).ts(.*)$" => "/announce.php?passkey=",
"^(.*)-u?([0-9] ).ts(.*)$" => "/userdetails.php?id=",
"^(.*)-f([0-9] ).tsf(.*)$" => "/tsf_forums/index.php?fid=",
"^(.*)-fd([0-9] ).tsf(.*)$" => "/tsf_forums/forumdisplay.php?fid=",
"^(.*)-t([0-9] ).tsf(.*)$" => "/tsf_forums/showthread.php?tid="

i use lighttpd, and have now this in my config, all working ok, beside 2lines for browse display, i testing further
[Report Post] Posted on 13-11-2008 17:09 PM by xam.
create a topic about your issue, hopefully they will help you.
[Report Post] Posted on 13-11-2008 03:53 AM by crazylukas.
i can`t find there any usefull informations.. ;-)
[Report Post] Posted on 13-11-2008 03:44 AM by xam.
Take a look at the following community: http://forum.modrewrite.com/
[Report Post] Posted on 13-11-2008 00:57 AM by crazylukas.
your script ****ed up (eat) my $1 variable in php code;p
[Report Post] Posted on 13-11-2008 00:52 AM by crazylukas.
i just did it
url.rewrite-once = ("^(.*)-b-([0-9] ).ts(.*)$" => "/browse.php?cat="
                    "^(.*)-c-([0-9] ).ts(.*)$" 
=> "/browse.php?browse_categories&category="
                    "^(.*)-d-([0-9] ).ts(.*)$" 
=> "/download.php?id="
                    "^(.*)-s-([0-9] ).ts(.*)$" 
=> "/details.php?id="
=> "/announce.php?passkey="
                    "^(.*)-u([0-9] ).ts(.*)$" 
=> "/userdetails.php?id="
                    "^(.*)-f([0-9] ).ts(.*)$" 
=> "/tsf_forums/index.php?fid="
                    "^(.*)-fd([0-9] ).ts(.*)$" 
=> "/tsf_forums/forumdisplay.php?fid="
                    "^(.*)-t([0-9] ).ts(.*)$" 
=> "/tsf_forums/showthread.php?tid="

but i don`t know that it is good.

from userdetails.php there was $2$3 and i change it to only one variable...
[Report Post] Posted on 11-11-2008 02:59 AM by alanb.
Apply the same basic idea to the other rules as well
[Report Post] Posted on 11-11-2008 02:53 AM by alanb.
I'm not 100% sure, since i've not done this on lighttpd, but should be like this:

url.rewrite-once = ("^(.*)-b-([0-9]+).ts(.*)$" => "/browse.php?cat=$1")

[Report Post] Posted on 10-11-2008 22:24 PM by crazylukas.
could you rewrite this into lighttpd rewrite link
RewriteRule ^(.*)-b-([0-9] ).ts(.*)$ browse.php?cat=$[QSA,L

if you do this, i will re-write all others;-)
[Report Post] Posted on 10-11-2008 11:34 AM by xam.
Nice document alanb..

Btw, I will test 'Kick Function' for this system.. Alanb you will be kicked as soon, please re-join to this group
[Report Post] Posted on 10-11-2008 02:48 AM by alanb.
Rewrite rules for lighttpd work like this:

url.rewrite-once = ("^index.html$" => "/index.php"

[Report Post] Posted on 09-11-2008 23:17 PM by crazylukas.
maybe someone have a rewrite rule for lighttpd ?
my performance friends?
[Report Post] Posted on 09-11-2008 22:20 PM by alanb.
Cheat Sheet for Apache Mod Rewrite Commands

Useful tool for beginners