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31-08-2009 22:31 PM

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Hosting companies that allow torrents
With some very good friends we decided it's time to launch a small private group buying community and we are in the process of searching a hosting company that allow us to upload a torrent script to run between our members.

Most recognized hosting companies we know such as hostgator, 1and1, dreamhost etc., does not provide this kind of service and I will like to ask if others here run private small torrent communities which hosting provider do you use?

Since USA is bit freak about torrents, I will like to know some hosting companies from Europe or Asia.

And one more question, a small torrent community will it need a VPS or dedicated server to run ...can we use a shared hosting for starting and later to upgrade our hosting package?

Thank you!

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01-09-2009 09:16 AM
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Hosting companies that allow torrents
You may want to check the following thread: https://templateshares.net/tsf_forums/to...-t4099.tsf

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