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09-04-2020 12:12 PM
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hey guys,

We are only a few months old site, we're running TS SE 7.5... We are a general tracker who deals with: TV, Movies, Music, Apps, Games and even XXX (members request). We have human uploaders who is dealing with movies, but tv is done by our bot.. we have a music/apps bot being worked on as we speak is well. 

the site's current stats:

 Members: 276
 Torrents: 1,615
 Seeders: 1,745
 Leechers: 2
 Peers: 1,747
 Threads: 41
 Posts: 63

signup link: http://the-unknown.xyz/signup.php - all is welcome to join.
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10-04-2020 19:17 PM

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Nice one Seedy.

but your User Agreement is not showing..

the font color and background color are the same.
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