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05-10-2017 20:40 PM

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ArabScene.Org - Best Arabic Trackers

I would like to introduce to you our Tracker
ArabScene Tracker 

This is a leading Arabic Tracker which has the best internal Files amongst all Arabic Tracker.
The internal uploader groups provides all new Arabic Contents just minutes after the official
release\broadcasts with all qualities from many sources including on demand channels.
The tracker also provides non Arabic contents but it's either dubbed in Arabic or having
hardcoded Arabic subs. Lately it's been releasing some files even before scene releases.
The IRC channel is inactive for most of the time as members prefer to use the shout box.
Guests have to use the contact form though.The invitation system is closed but registerations
are open through donations. Freeleech and double upload status are found on most of the
internal releases making it easy to maintain a propper ratio besides the bonus system.
The community is very active.
The speeds are great thanks to Seedboxes provided by the Staff and some site Members.
The following user says thank you to ProCastle for this useful post:

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05-10-2017 23:29 PM
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ArabScene.Org - Best Arabic Trackers
Site looks ok!! but i will not join when asking for donation, good luck for the future.

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