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12-08-2017 13:30 PM

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Male virusofsaten is Offline now
yet again
yet again xam has been on site ( Last Activity: 10-08-2017 21:56 PM )

but still no product that i have payed for

as many of you im wating on him to send out the security code so i can download the 7.5 script

but yet again he has been here probely for only a few minutes

what i can see is he is only activating any one who has payd for the vip access on this site and dont care at all about any one who payed him for his latest script

im coming up to 4 month wating many of you have been wating a hell of a lot longer

what a way to run a site its discusting the way he is treating his loyal long time members who pay in every 6 month and have done for many years now

its a sad sad day to see what has happend to this site   
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13-08-2017 03:03 AM

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yet again
Well, your post is still "awaiting moderation"...but after checking I can figure out the "yet again". The useless twit came onsite AGAIN, and did absolutely nothing with or for his paying customers.
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