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15-01-2015 20:58 PM

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treasure island seeds is off air.

i just want to clear up about rumors going around that my site was hacked/taken off air.

i will tell you the complete story so that you are aware of everything.

i am dean aka MrBrightside i was in partnership with aaron aka Lazyandcrazy. (i know all long ins for all acounts as we shared this info,he was more technical than me hence why he did the initial setup)

we setup in august on a xbit code then upgraded to ts template.

we both put a lot of time and effort into making it big and great but sadly we didnt get very far we had about 400 members none of which were paid vip. 

aaron went off the rails in his personal life and asked me to run the site until he returns, there has been no sign of him online since, we have spoken on the phone and via facebook.

i did say i cannot afford to keep paying no more for the server alone and he said he would change it to his card details but sadly never did. i contacted him and said i have to close the site down as we got 400 members and only 15 seeds on torrents so it wasnt working. he said that it is fine and thanked me for trying. he is doing ok now but also does not want to continue.

if you have contact details for him then please contact him to verify this info. everything was 100% above board and nobody besides myself lost any money.

i would like to thank you guys for all the help given and alanb for helping out on site during the setup.

kind regards

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