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25-10-2012 23:27 PM

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Cannot Download Torrents from sites use TS SE
I've a home media network harddrive which connet to internet via modem. It can download torrents from various sites but if the site is using TS SE script, it doesnt work. It cannot find seeders and leechers. I've tried too many sites using this script but I cant get it work. Torrents created by different scripts are working good. The problem could be what?
My harddrive: Iomega Home media network drive home edition 1TB, running on a special linux server, i have ssh access.
ps:sorry for my bad english

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26-10-2012 01:25 AM
TS Support Team

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Cannot Download Torrents from sites use TS SE

please purchase a license to access Private Pages, Download Themes, Addons or anything else, get support etc..

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