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16-10-2012 16:20 PM

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**WARNING TORRENT GRASS**  Found a grass umung us all be warned and ban this user 
KINGSNAKE69 or QUEENSNAKE69 goes under both names they have been going around reporting sites and release groups to Paypal, Photobucket ..ect...ect.....
ip Address / Address's I have are as follows
http://gyazo.com/e4e8629eb6e99e12c5a5c198c66ef1c3 <----- Hacked the photobucket account and added this ...along with hassle a few others had with him from paypal ect...
Take what u want but you have been warned   
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24-10-2012 02:01 AM

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A member from - http://rds-zone.ne
Member name - rds
IP -

Is joining sites and spamming torrent comments -

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Free signup on RDS-ZONE.NET
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