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05-10-2012 22:36 PM

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What is Private tracker patch?
Enable Private Tracker Patch
 Enable this feature to use Private Torrent authentication. (yes/no)
That option is in tracker settings..in security...for what is this?
I have a problem..a user use my torrents like external torrents to his tracker..and I own a seedbox and he use my seeders...what can I do to stop him? If I enable that feature hepls me?
If I enable this feauture affects my torrents? Is necessary to change something in utorrent?

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28-09-2014 22:14 PM

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What is Private tracker patch?
del the torrants then it stops the seeding only way to do it del from boxs

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28-09-2014 23:25 PM

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What is Private tracker patch?
turn it on

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29-09-2014 10:15 AM
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What is Private tracker patch?
With private tracker patch, only registered users can download and seed torrents.
The following user says thank you to xam for this useful post:

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