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01-04-2012 13:59 PM

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Neither complaint or suggestion, but a big thanks.
Having been faced with the development and setting up of a torrent tracker i came across Template Shares a couple of weeks ago.
I had a good look at the availabe Demo and was pretty quickly convinced that the featureset is outstanding. We decided to purchase TSSE 7.2 a couple of days ago and i do not regret this decision.
Of course completely written in PHP it is not as performant as a tracker written in C. But for our needs it will certainly be enough. And TSSE also offers to use the XBT Tracker for sites that need more performance, but be aware that XBT does not offer all the features that TSSE can offer you.
I also had a good look at Gazelle, but to be honest, it would have meant a lot more development work and essentially the entire code would have needed a re-write to include only half the features TSSE offers out of the box. The time required would have been just to much.
Now, having been faced with a few minor problems, i had to open a few tickets, the speed in which xam answered was just brilliant. OK one suggestion: On the Register Tracker form you could note to just enter the Domain and IP, no sub-path. It is not that clear .
And yes, TSSE is closed source, but honestly, if you take a look at TSSE it is massive and was surely a huge coding effort. You can't make changes yourself in the logic as everything is IonCubed, but with the support xam delivers i doubt that this will be a huge pitfall. With all this in mind the price is really not high.
The purchase BTW was painless and straight forward.
So all in all i can reommend the package, and the price paid was certainly money well invested.
Thank you to xam and the entire Team,
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