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21-10-2011 01:31 AM

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Email Would Be Good
  An email would be good to tell us our VIP is about to run out, as i never even knew till i logged in, and got told
Also i read here its abit cheaper if you re-new your VIP, whilst your a VIP still at the time ( Dunno if thats true, but if it is, ive missed out due to a email i didnt get )
Anyway im paid up again, so its all good
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23-10-2011 00:50 AM

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Email Would Be Good
Couple min's it'll be past 48 hours since my upgrade also xam.
It'd also upgraded if none, but I'd also went ahead and purchased the new version too, if I'd none it had went stable...lol

Thanks Mate, Brian R. Wallace

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