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12-02-2011 15:21 PM (This post was last modified: 12-02-2011 15:38 PM by CreditIsDue)

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User mads8300 may be a fraud
I do not have access to the forum with this post http://images.blazerjenzo.net/images/488_Unavngivet.png
But I was forwarded a little chat
Originally Posted by irc

(13:44:32) <~Zorro> Godfather http://images.blazerjenzo.net/images/488_Unavngivet.png
(13:44:35) <~Godfather> haha
(13:45:07) <~Godfather> okay zorro
(13:45:43) <~Godfather> hvad siger de til det
(13:45:45) <~Zorro> Hvem får credit? Det gør jeg! Hvem har lavet det? ! Og hvad tænker jeg så? Jeg tænker: OWNED ;D
(13:46:19) <~Godfather> Det er homie og babypudder der har lavet det
(13:46:35) <~Zorro> Og det er mig der får credit
(13:46:38) <~Godfather> og hvem skaffe det
(13:46:43) <~Zorro> Det gør du
(13:46:49) <~Godfather> haha
(13:46:59) <~Godfather> har de sagt noget
(13:47:18) <~Zorro> Nej ikke endnu
(13:47:35) <~Zorro> Ja har ændret så der ikke er noget der linker i filerne
Basically Zorro is claiming he is mads8300
He says did not make the translations
Someone else from a danish tracker made it and he names them "homie and babypudder"
He removed clues to the origin of the translations

I have nothing to do with anyone involved(or this community for that matter) and was just forwarded this chat by a friend.
I felt some danish kid should not get credit for something he just copied
Figured it could be against the rules to mention the tracker name but if not I will tell, nothing special anyways.
Backup host for the image: http://www.myupload.dk/showfile/785363abddd.png

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12-02-2011 16:24 PM

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User mads8300 may be a fraud
big deal lol

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17-02-2011 07:58 AM

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User mads8300 may be a fraud
i think it should be removed if true

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23-02-2011 00:42 AM (This post was last modified: 23-02-2011 00:54 AM by MadsRetard)

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