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Suggestions & Suggestions
Where do i start.

1) I suggest(for this site mainly) to try and reduce the HTTP requests(which are more than 55 here even up to 62). 

2) Only include JavaScript when you need it. (that's how i've coded my non-torrent website).

Cause the website load time is quite increased here. Even page rendering is almost one full second. and the total page size is around 300kb with all the CSS and JS.

3) And to degrade gracefully if a user has disabled javascript, because some users do it and this site has an abundance of it.

4) Finally, but not least is updating the free TS version. What i mean is that there is a big difference between 1.3.9 and 7.2 most of it being quite obvious.

Also, it seems that text wrapping doesn't work when posting a new thread
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